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Fitness is very beneficial during pregnancy, but if you have NOT been working out regularly prior to pregnancy, it is not a good idea to begin a high-intensity workout routine. It doesn’t mean you cannot exercise during pregnancy if you haven’t been very active before, but you should ease into it and perform low-impact exercises. It is very important to consult your doctor before starting any fitness program during pregnancy.

While rest and enough sleep are very important during pregnancy, proper diet, exercise, and maintaining a level of fitness is equally important. As hard as it may be to motivate and stay active, it will benefit you tremendously and improve or sustain your strength for your delivery. Exercise can also alleviate some of the less than pleasant symptoms that come along with pregnancy. The back puts up with a lot of pressure and by strengthening those muscles, some of that discomfort can be relieved through safe exercise. It can also help you feel less fatigued during your day and help you maintain a healthy pregnancy weight.

I will develop a safe, customized workout that will support you throughout your pregnancy. Eating a healthy diet is also very important, so I will guide you down a nutritious path, to keep you and your baby healthy and happy. My goal is to give you positive encouragement so you will feel both mentally and physically strong, and experience a pleasant and less painful pregnancy.

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