Fit Fans “What a great experience to have Becky Miller as my personal trainer! Even though I know how to work out, Becky offered great insights into more effective techniques. And, most importantly, she didn’t let me quit during the workouts. Kind and understanding, but unrelenting! She even developed options for working with me over Skype when our drive time was too much. If you want a professional guide to keep you accountable with your fitness goals, Becky is the best!”

assist —Gayle Feallock

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“I’ve struggled with my weight most of my adult life.  I’ve been fortunate to train with Becky numerous times over the years. Her approach to fitness and exercise, in general, is fun.  I’m not one to wake up at 5am and get on the treadmill, exercise has always been work for me.
interview sporanox cost She brings an energy and positivity to every session which makes it enjoyable and not feel like work. I absolutely recommend Becky Miller as a personal trainer.” —Kelly Mortensen

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“I needed something more than just the gym and working out on my own. Becky blew my expectations out of the water with my results. She pushes you in an encouraging way, she’s a great trainer and I highly recommend her!”

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“After having my second baby I hardly recognized my body. I was lucky in that I lost all my pregnancy weight, but along with it I lost all muscle tone as well. It seemed virtually impossible to get it back. I was weak and getting aches and strains from having zero strength.

I had never worked with a one-on-one trainer before, but felt that this time I really needed specific help. That is why Fit4Me was perfect. Everything about the training was shaped around my needs and my schedule. Becky not only showed me how to regain muscle tone and strength, but she provided support and inspired motivation as well. She doesn’t just tackle your body, she truly loves what she does and is dedicated to your overall health and well being. To me she is a life and body coach. And what I loved about the whole process is that she teaches you to self motivate so you can continue the wellness when she isn’t around; but if you are the type of person who needs to rely on someone else more than yourself, she’s there for you 100%.

Thank you, Becky, for helping me not to reclaim my body and my life, but to reinvent it. And love who I am now, in this moment, and for all the moments to come.”

—Mary Altbaum

“I have known Becky for about 30 years. As far back as I can remember, she was naturally athletic. Becky played a lot of different kinds of sports in elementary school and in high school and did very well. Watching her play softball and volleyball was inspirational. I remember that in PE in high school she ran a 6 minute mile.  She made it look easy.  I tried but I could not keep up with her!

When Becky and I started high school, she introduced me to the concept of regular exercise outside of sports. She brought a Jane Fonda aerobics video tape to my house and showed me how to do it.  (Yes . . . we’re that old). I thought Jane Fonda was just a controversial actress! I immediately fell in love with exercise. All I ever did for exercise was play occasional sports, ride my bike, and go for walks. I really had no athletic ability whatsoever. 

As time went by throughout out our high school and college years, Becky’s love of exercise evolved to keep up with the times. We started doing more toning exercises and eventually used a step bench to work out with. During that time, aerobics was the fad and women didn’t have muscle tone. But Becky again introduced me to a new concept which included weight training and toning. In college she encouraged me to take a weight training class with her. We had a blast and realized that our athletic abilities improved with more muscle tone and not to mention we looked better!

Becky and I lost touch for several years and recently have reconnected. Becky’s love for fitness grew over the years and prompted her to follow her dreams of becoming a personal fitness trainer. Because of Becky, my athletic abilities, diet, and healthy lifestyle has skyrocketed as well. She is the one who planted the seed in me which continues to grow. She encouraged me last year through my knee surgery and having to train for the Police Academy as I healed. I couldn’t have done it without her. 

And as for diet and nutrition, Becky has taught herself through personal experience and trial and error; the best possible diet for athletes. She continues to educate herself, family, friends, and clients on how to eat to increase athletic performance, lose weight, and to feel genuinely good. She has been a positive influence on me as she shares up to date information on diet such as eating foods that are natural, gluten free, organic, and unprocessed. I’ve watched her body and health change as she practices the concepts she teaches. 

Becky has been as inspiration to me for 30 years. I continue to grow and evolve with her help. Her passion and love for fitness encourages me to practice the healthiest lifestyle possible. Because of her, I strive to live to my fullest potential.”

—Chrissy Webb

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