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buy Clomiphene from boots Do you know why you get cravings? Sugar is an addictive substance, but cravings cover more than just sugary foods. Most cravings are caused by a substance called excitotoxins. Dr. Cathie Lippman, founder of the Lippman Center for Optimal Health, explains that “excitotoxins are substances, usually amino acids, that stimulate taste receptors on the tongue. They are nothing other than chemicals added to food to make them tastier and have no nutritional value.”

proventil cost with insurance The most common excitotoxins are aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG). They “cause a brain cell to become very excited and your neurons basically fire spastically till they finally burn out.” So they get excited to death! The scary thing is, the neurons that were destroyed, are gone for good. The damage cannot be repaired. The health risks are cancer, migraines, neurodegenerative disorders, obesity,  and brain disorders. It’s important to learn about this substance because it’s in most processed foods and some so-called “healthy” foods. It wreaks havoc on your body without you even knowing it.

So back to cravings, do you wonder sometimes why you can’t just have one cookie, one piece of candy, or a few chips? It’s because the food companies are adding dangerous chemicals to the food you buy “in order to stimulate your hunger and disturb your natural appetite control.” You are literally becoming addicted to processed food because of this substance. As crazy as it may sound, you are being tricked into buying the food. When you go to the grocery store and you see an item you purchased before, you are going to remember the amazing taste and feeling you had when you ate it last and you will buy it again. That’s what addiction does to you. It keeps you wanting more and more.

This is why it’s so important to clean up your diet. Processed foods can do more damage than you think. If you don’t recognize an ingredient or if the ingredients list is a mile long, you should avoid it at all costs. The cravings are so intense, because you are addicted to the chemicals in the foods you ingest daily. A good rule of thumb when grocery shopping is to stay on the outer aisles of the store. Most everything in the middle is a bag or a box of something processed. The fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, dairy, whole grain breads are on the outskirts of the grocery store, where the bulk of your shopping should be done. There will obviously be some items you need to get in other aisles, but the majority of your diet should consist of whole, REAL foods that nourish your body so it can function properly. The more you know, the smarter you will shop, and the better you will feel!

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