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this website As a mother and personal trainer, I strive to be a good role model for both my clients and my daughter. In order to do that, I do everything I can to portray my authentic self. However, I wasn’t always like that. There was a time when I hid who I was, mostly because of fear and insecurities. I had to ask myself, am I portraying my authentic self? Do I know who my authentic self is? It was hard to let people see the real me because that left me open to judgment and ridicule. But I realized that if I wasn’t portraying my real self, I wasn’t really living an authentic life.

The first thing I did was to be brutally honest with myself and think about the actions I took daily. Was I holding back my true feelings to fit in with others around me? Did I judge others on their behaviors and actions? Did I find myself keeping quiet when something made me uncomfortable instead of voicing my opinion? Did I feel like a fraud in my own life, as if I didn’t belong, or feel my contributions to life didn’t matter? Was I just going through the motions of life and not really living? I realized that I could answer yes to all of those questions and I was denying myself important parts of my true self and not living an authentic life.

What I have learned is that when you feel a strong sense of self and are a worthy participant in the world around you, you don’t worry about what others think. You also don’t feel the need to judge others and you accept people for who they are. This doesn’t mean I let people treat me poorly. It means not letting what others say affect my life in any way and feeling free to be who I am. This was very hard to do since I usually put up walls to protect myself from getting hurt and feeling discomfort in my life. I needed to start portraying the person I truly was inside, so I could begin to live a full and happy life.

I worked very hard to become the real me and it became clear that being truly healthy and authentic in life means letting the world see who I was, flaws and all. This was extremely scary and made me vulnerable and open to judgment, but it was also very freeing. I thought for years that I was being who I truly was, but upon reflection, I realized there was a lot being hidden to prevent myself from getting hurt.

I was put here on this planet to spread my uniqueness and if I am hiding aspects of myself, I am denying the world those special gifts only I have. I am now working on being an example for my daughter and the people around me and being who I was meant to be, even if that means letting all the walls down and throwing caution to the wind. I’m finally letting the world see who I am, letting my light shine, and watching my life change for the better. You can do it, too!

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