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Organic Tortilla Soup I love making soups and a friend of mine shared this recipe with me that is not only quick and easy, but delicious! The great thing about this soup is you can add whatever you want to make it your own. I will tell you how I made it and you can add anything else

Preservatives and Additives Not only are GMOs (genetically modified organisms) a huge concern when it comes to our food, additives and preservatives are just as bad and making it impossible for people to eat a healthy diet. They are added to food to increase shelf life and can also be chemical creations that are cheaper to produce than

Body Image I was reading an article the other day on the image of fitness and it made me think about why so many people shy away from exercising, joining gyms, or attending group classes. When you look at fitness magazines, billboards for various fitness activities, commercials on TV, etc., they choose models with seemingly “perfect” bodies.

There’s Something Truly Wonderful in You

I was listening to some Disney music with my niece the other day and a song came on from one of my all-time favorite Disney movies, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, called “The Age of Not Believing,” by Richard and Robert Sherman. I had never listened to the words of the song before, but this time I

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