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Home » Fit Blog » The Power of Food How often do you think about the food you eat? Do you read labels and investigate the ingredients? The food we eat today is very different from the food our parents and grandparents ate. There was no need to label food “organic,” because everything was organic. The soil wasn’t depleted of the nutrients it needs to grow a healthy crop and there wasn’t pressure to mass produce. Because our food production has changed so drastically, we have to be more conscious of what we are putting in our bodies.

cefixime price in india Food affects everything from mood, to health, to well-being. If we don’t start becoming our own advocates, our health could be at risk. Our bodies are meant to absorb particular vitamins and minerals to function properly, which should be coming from the food we eat. But with so much processed food accessible, the normal population isn’t getting the nutrition they need. Processed food is quicker and easier to prepare for people who lead busy lives. The problem is most people don’t realize what it’s doing to their bodies. When we eat processed ingredients, our bodies don’t recognize them and they can’t be digested. Unhealthy preservatives block the essential vitamins and minerals from being digested and it takes a great deal of energy for the body to digest the “fake food.” As a result, you will feel sick and fatigued, which then leads to taking prescription drugs to “feel better” and masks the original problem.

The bottom line is: change your diet, change your life. When you change your diet, you can literally change the physiology of your body. With the right foods, your body can heal itself and keep you from getting the sicknesses you normally get from processed foods. You would have more energy and be able to avoid visiting the doctor on a regular basis. Food is fuel, but you have to choose the right fuel in order for your body to function like it should. The tricky part is doing what it takes and making a commitment to yourself and your family to choose healthy organic food. It does take more time to prepare and cook meals, but in the long run, it is so worth it. Why not spend your money and time on food that will create a better, sustainable life for you. It can be hard to start interpreting labels and researching how your food can be the cause of many of your ailments. But once you take that first step, it becomes much easier . It’s about the long-term effects and the life you want to have as you grow older. Give yourself the gift of health and eat food that will not only support your body and its normal functions, but will make you feel like the vibrant, energetic person, you are meant to be!

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