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I learned an amazing lesson from my niece about living in the moment and choosing to be happy. We went to the grocery store, which is an errand I would rather not do and would love to have a personal shopper, but she loves it and is always excited about an outing. While we were checking out, my niece—in her green flowered shirt, pink and grey hello kitty pants, brown and pink boots, and of course, her pink tutu—began doing ballerina twirls and singing loudly in the store. My first instinct was to tell her to be quiet and stand by me, but instead I stood there smiling at her and enjoyed the show. The clerk said, “Wow, she sure is happy to be at the grocery store!” And it made me realize that we all should be happy no matter what we are doing.

It’s the small, mundane tasks adults find painful, that children seem to enjoy. The difference is, children are always in the moment and enjoy the little things in life. They see the beauty in everything. We adults get caught up in what we have to get done and forget to live our lives. If we don’t start living in the moment and appreciating where we are at, we will miss all the small blessings and subtle miracles that are happening all around us. I told my dear friend this story and she said, “We all should learn to embrace our inner tutu!” And that is so true! So when I am feeling stressed or upset about something, I think of my niece, in her tutu dancing in the grocery store and I try to embrace my inner child and choose to be happy. Life is too short to worry, and it is wasteful because it never solves anything. Instead, let’s choose to wake up and feel the excitement and mystery of the day—let’s choose to find the beauty of the moment. Embrace your inner tutu!

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