Is Stevia Safe?

Home » Fit Blog » Is Stevia Safe? I am not a big fan of artificial sweeteners and never use them. They are crawling with chemicals and can cause serious long-term effects on your body. Stevia is the newest sweetener that is advertised as “healthy” and “natural” because it is from a plant, but advertising can be misleading. Anything that is altered in a lab is not “healthy” or “natural.” I am a huge proponent of researching products that seem questionable. Through my research, I found an article on Stevia by Vani Hari, The Food Babe, that explains what Stevia actually is and how you can make your own pure form. I want to help you choose the foods that will improve your health and avoid the ones that derail it. This article will give you the facts about Stevia.

Here are some natural sweeteners that I like to use: Honey, 100% pure maple syrup.

Is Stevia Safe? 

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