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buy clomid online using paypal One of the most difficult aspects of fitness is motivation. I think most people feel it might be the exercise itself, but that is actually easier to accomplish. Motivation is mental. Our minds are very powerful and whatever we think can affect us tremendously. Each day we wake up, we decide what kind of day it will be. No matter how you may feel physically, you can create the feeling of well being and your body can feel energized. Every day I wake up, I think about (or write down) all the things I am grateful for in my life and it starts my day out right. If I have a hurtful experience or engage in an uncomfortable exchange with someone, instead of letting it get me down, I think back to what I was grateful for and it helps me get perspective.

All of this can help with motivation as well. If you feel tired or not up for a workout, try to think about how it will make you feel afterward and how grateful you are to have a body that will work extremely hard for you during that workout. There are going to be days when you literally have to make yourself move. Working out with a partner or having a personal trainer is helpful, because it keeps you accountable. You have to remember, that if you create the pattern in your life, your body will get used to it and crave it. If you make it a lifestyle change and add it to your daily list of things to do, you can feel accomplished checking it off of your list. Even if you go for a short low-impact walk, you are moving and that is the important thing. Every workout doesn’t have to be high intensity and last two hours. The idea is to do things that you enjoy and keep your body moving, so it will stay healthy and functional your entire life.

I know exercising is not fun for everyone and you literally have to force yourself each day to do something, but if you think of the wonderful benefits and how it can transform your body into a healthy machine, it’s worth all the hard work. Make a pact with yourself that you will take the time to think of only you, a few hours out of the day and spend time taking care of yourself, no matter what the activity. Stay healthy and love yourself! There’s only one you and you deserve to feel good and live a healthy energy filled life.

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